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As more and more of your hard earned income floods into public school through taxes, our Catholic Community must come together to find ways to increase our support for Catholic Education in our area. Today you can help support St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School through its Annual Fund. Tuition alone does not cover the total cost of education and we rely on donations and other forms of support to provide it. Through the Annual Fund, St. Thomas the Apostle 
Catholic School can help pay for school wide facility projects, equipment for the classrooms, and financial aid to families who are unable to pay 100% of their tuition to attend.
The value of this education is unparalleled in the modern world; it is a tempered and true formula. Parents and the school work together to set high behavioral and academic expectations for students, while life affirming relationships are forged in an environment that embraces high ethical standards, critical thinking, and the elements of education born from a staff with a deep conviction in their vocation.
While twenty-two percent of our nation’s population is Catholic, we see a tremendous saturation of those educated in Catholic schools in highly professional fields including six of the nine Supreme Court Justices. We have a proven product of educating young men and women who make a difference in this world. Our students embrace high ethical standards, a passionate love of learning, and possess a deep-seated respect for self and others.
  • 99.1% of Catholic elementary graduates finish high school
  • 85% graduate from college
  • 92% of those go on to graduate school.
Please consider the legacy our generation can leave to the next. Will it be a better education, a better Parish, and more opportunity? Will it be the saddle of missed opportunity and debt? Let us build on our legacy of St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School. Please recognize the pivotal role a Catholic education plays in the nature of our children and of our Church. We pray you will join us.