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Kindergarten-Eighth Grade Students Will Demonstrate:

  1. Their Faith in God through:
    Love of God 
    A basic knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic Church. 
    Reverence and participation at Mass and liturgical and pray celebrations,
  2. Christian Moral Values through: 
    The ability to make good moral choices based on Catholic Faith and experience. 
    The virtues of compassion; tolerance; justice; fairness; and love of others. 
    An understanding of good physical and mental health
  3. Academic Excellence and Love of Learning through: 
    Mastery of basic learning skills and concepts in all subject areas as defined by the Sacramento Diocesan Standards 
    Critical thinking and problem solving skills. 
    The ability to articulate ideas clearly, creatively, and effectively through reading, writing and speaking skills. 
    The ability to listen, understand, and process information. 
    Use of research skills and the ability to access information and utilize current technology effectively. 
    Cooperative learning and leadership skills through teamwork. 
    The ability to set goals and work toward accomplishing them. 
    Good study skills, which include organization, time management, and punctuality. 
    The development of their physical potential by engaging in a variety of physical activities. 
    The application of ‘real life’ and hands-on activities. 
    Knowledge of other people, places, cultures, and religions.
  4. Their Commitment to Help Others through: 
    Becoming involved in the larger community. 
    An appreciation and understanding of our diverse society. 
    An understanding of community, national, and global issues, and application of basic civic responsibilities. 
    Service to others within their family, school, parish, and wider community.
  5. Respect and Discipline through: 
    An appreciation and understanding for the dignity of life. 
    The responsibility for self and others. 
    The responsibility for one’s actions to self, others, and the environment; appreciating that all are God’s creation.