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St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School embraces the vision of a Catholic educational philosophy. Christian values and traditions of the Catholic faith are integrated into the curriculum and all teaching/learning situations, within and beyond the classroom.  
Guidelines for the curriculum at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School are developed and implemented in cooperation with the Catholic School Department of the Diocese of Sacramento.  The curriculum is carefully coordinated from Kindergarten through eighth grade.  Teachers and school administration review and evaluate textbooks cyclically and sequentially according to specified curriculum areas to insure that Diocesan standards are met.  In math and language arts, the school has adopted the California State Common Core Curriculum Standards; in science, next-generation science standards have been adopted. All other subjects will remain aligned to the California State Standards and Diocesan Religion standards.  Further specifics regarding the curriculum can be provided by the principal.

Essential, Core Curriculum
St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School provides complete academic instruction in essential core curricular subjects: English/language arts, reading/literature, religion, mathematics, science, history/social studies, physical education, and religion.

Native Peoples and Missions Course for all California Catholic School Fourth Graders
The following e-course is a required part of the fourth grade Social Studies curriculum, per the California Bishops: